Melissa & Doug Classic Wooden Peg Puzzle (3 puzzle set)

This set from Melissa & Doug is a great tool for teaching the following:

  • Manding for missing – e.g. Withhold a piece of the puzzle to provide the child the opportunity to request it.
  • Tacting (labeling)- e.g. “What’s this?”  “What letter?”  What number?”  “What color?”
  • Rote Counting – e.g. “Count with me….1,2,3….”
  • Fine Motor – e.g. Each inset piece is formed to require pincer grasping and rotation to put the pieces in.
  • Listener Responding – e.g. “Put in”
  • Intraverbal –  e.g. “Which one do you need?”  “Which one do you want?”


Great wooden set for teaching Numbers, Letters, Colors, and Fine Motor Skills all in one!


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